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“Still glowing from this morning!  Thank you so much for providing this medicine for us. I am so grateful for the powerful and safe container that you hold, your loving heart, your healing music and for our wonderful community.” – M.C.


“I was at Ecstatic Dance today for the very first time.  It was exactly what my body needed.  Dancing for 2 hours straight to amazing music.  I haven’t felt that free and uninhibited in a long time and now my world is a more balanced place.” – H.R.

“It was so great to see a thriving dance in Palo Alto wow you have done some amazing work” - G.S.

“I am deeply grateful for this community and for this space we create together.  It is truly a blessing to have a space like this to come and experience, to reconnect with our own divinity through music and through our authentic movement.  I am so appreciative of your leadership, and the dance space.  Truly, music and dance have helped me reclaim my vitality and freedom and for that I am so grateful.” – N.H.

“Feeling beyond grateful for the conscious music and dance community and all the love, trust and creative expression I feel every time I allow the music to move me in the collective field with the community.  I have experienced so much growth and healing because of the safe, loving, supportive space provided.  Thank you for making this the best year of my life!” – K.S.

“Ecstatic dance was very moving and powerfully poignant. I was reverently reminded that I touch people’s lives and I have an effect. The music was positively inspiring.” – T.H. 

"Thank you for bringing the medicine and cultivating a safe, clean, sacred space to peel away the layers.  My soul is feeling so free." - M.R.

"The music broke me down and healed me this morning." - T.T.


"Thank you for the music.  That was my most transcendent experience at an ecstatic dance in my entire life.  That dance floor was incredible, it allowed for total freedom of movement in the moment.  My body was moving itself without my mind participating at all.  This was true freedom.  I am so inspired.  I cried today and so much came up which I was repressing. I mediated for the first time in a long while.  This was the last piece in my quest for a religious experience that works for me. Where there is healing, pure movement without the mind, I find my true self.  Thank you to all participating to make such a wonderful thing occur for community.  I feel like my life is changed forever.”  – C.J.

"Our dance community is absolutely one of the places where I feel at home, and it is a part of what makes the Bay area such an amazing place." - M.G. 

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